Honor & Memorial Opportunities

More than an Animal Shelter

For our animals.
For our community.

The Michael Lawrence Animal Care Shelter will provide a safer, healthier, and less stressful environment for our animals, and humans too! But this state-of-the-art facility will be much more than a traditional shelter.

While the current Animal Care Shelter for Kent County’s building can barely support our day-to-day needs, the new shelter will provide for our animals AND the community with on-site veterinary care, education programs for all ages on animal care and enrichment, including summer day camps, spay and neuter services for income-challenged families, animal law advocacy, and a lot more!

We’ve broken ground on the new shelter, but we still need your help funding the project! Consider donating today. There are plenty of Honor and Memorial Opportunities left below!

Why do we need a new shelter?

  • Our current facility is 59 years old, and in fair to poor condition
  • There is insufficient housing for our average animal population
  • Minimal space for adequate animal medial exams and care
  • Outdated design that creates immense STRESS for the animals
  • Lack of air quality control system results in multiple sickness outbreaks annually
  • Animal enrichment and exercise is limited to pleasant weather days
  • The list is long. To better serve the animals and the community, THE TIME IS NOW!

Honor & Memorial Opportunities

Pledges and gifts may be made over one to three years
(ex. $15,000 = 3 years @ $5,000)

For more information on available honor and memorial opportunities, please email our Executive Director, Richard Keaveney, at rkeaveney@kenthumane.org