Adoption Sponsorships

Until They're Home

& Forever After

While you may not be able to adopt every shelter pet, becoming an Adoption Sponsor shows an indelible love that will stay with them long after they’ve found their forever home. 

As an Adoption Sponsor, you will help provide the much-needed care for a shelter pet while they await their future home. In turn, you will receive a digital certificate in recognition of your support, as well as a personal message once your sponsee is adopted! 

To sponsor a shelter pet, fill out and submit the form below. Our staff will then reach out to confirm their availability and with next steps! Not sure who to sponsor? Meet our Adoptable Pets!

"How much is a sponsorship?"

An Adoption Sponsorship covers the cost of the pet’s adoption fee, which varies based on the pet’s age. As a pet’s adoption fee does not always cover the cost of care during their stay with us (spay/neuter surgery, vaccines, nutrition), we are incredibly grateful for any additional support our sponsors are able to provide!

For example, all pets 7 years of age and above are considered “Seniors,” and are already free to adopt. However, they often incur the largest vet bills! Therefore, sponsors to our Senior Pets are greatly needed and appreciated!

Adoption Sponsorship Form