Pet & Stray Surrender

Surrendering Your Pet

We understand surrendering your pet can be an incredibly difficult decision, and one that is made for a variety of valid and well-founded reasons. If re-homing your pet is not an option, you can surrender your pet to ACSKC. Rest assured that, by surrendering your pet to ACSKC, we will provide them with the best care possible based on their unique needs. We do not euthanize based on breed or length of stay at our shelter. 

Pets should be surrendered during shelter hours. This ensures that:

  1. We can learn about your pet, such as personality, diet, veterinary records, and other information that can help us make your pet’s stay as comfortable as possible and ensure that they are placed in the right home.
  2. We can verify you are a Kent County resident.

There is no surrender fee. To surrender your pet, please call (410) 778-3648 to make an appointment

In Case of Emergency

If the shelter is closed and you must surrender an animal immediately, Kent County residents should call 911. Emergency Services will connect you to the on-duty Animal Services Officer. 

An emergency surrender can include, but is not limited to, instances where your pet has bitten or has attempted to harm a person or another animal; or you have found a stray animal you are unable to care for until shelter business hours. 

It is unlawful to abandon an animal outside of the shelter.