Found Pet Resources

The majority of lost or stray animals have families who love them and are typically found less than one mile from their homes. To keep pet families together, it is best to try to locate a lost pet’s family prior to bringing the animal to the shelter. On average, only 5% of the stray cats and only 20% of the stray dogs brought to the shelter are returned to their owners.

Tips for Reuniting
the Lost Pet with their Owner

Check for ID
Some pets have a collar with the phone number stitched in, or a tag with a
number that you can call to locate the pet parent.

Alert your neighbors
Take a photo and share it with your neighbors by using the methods your
community utilizes most to communicate. This could include Nextdoor, a
Facebook group, or a neighborhood email list. Be sure to include where the
animal was found and how to get in contact with you. Be descriptive, include as
much detail as possible, and be sure to include where the animal was found and
how to get in contact with you. It is important that you know the cross streets
and/or the address where the pet was found.

Take a walk
If possible, take a walk around the neighborhood to see if anyone might
recognize the animal and know who they belong to.

Check for a microchip
Bring the pet to the nearest veterinarian clinic or shelter to get a free microchip

Bring the animal indoors to safety
Bringing a new animal into your home can pose risks to you and/or your
household. As a precaution, please keep all pets separate and wash your hands
frequently when handling the found animal. Disease and illness can spread

Start searching local lost & found pet alert sites
The owner may have posted their pet as missing, so be sure to check websites
such as Petco Love Lost, Pawboost and social media groups.

Post the animal as found
If you don’t see any lost posts matching the pet you found, including ACSKC’s
facebook page, send an email to ACSKC with information about the pet, where
they were found and a photo. We will share this information on our social media
channels. You can also create a found post on Petco Love Lost, Pawboost and
social media groups.
We recommend creating only one post on Facebook, and then sharing that post
to various groups available instead of creating multiple posts

Make flyers and walk the neighborhood
When creating a flyer or poster, use a half-page, brightly colored poster board
and include a clear photo of the pet. Use extremely large lettering with concise
information, such as, “FOUND SMALL WHITE MALE DOG” with your phone
number or email address.

Hang found pet posters
Hang posters at major intersections within a 3-mile radius of where the dog was found or a 1-mile radius of where the cat was found.

Continue searching local lost and found pet alert sites
Frequently search local lost and found pet alert sites for any leads on the animal’s owner and for any lost pet posts that match your found animal.

If you are unable to locate an owner or unable to continue caring for the found animal

If the animal was found in Kent County, Maryland and you are not in a position to continue caring for them while attempting to locate an owner, please call ACSKC at 410-778-3648 to schedule a surrender time. If it is after business hours and the animal must be surrendered immediately,
call animal services at 410-708-5006. Please bring a valid photo ID.

We hold stray animals for seven days. After this seven day holding period, any stray animal can be put up for adoption, transferred to another shelter, sent to rescue, put into a foster home, and in rare cases, euthanized if a certified veterinarian has determined serious medical issues impact the animal’s quality of life or if aggressive behaviors put the safety of our staff at risk. ACSKC does not euthanize based on breed, the animal’s length of stay or the shelter’s available capacity.

If the animal was found outside of Kent County, Maryland, please contact
your county shelter to discuss services. It’s important that the animal is
taken to the shelter in the county it was found in to give them the best
opportunity to reunite with their owner.

Found Kittens

When you find stray kittens, their best chance at survival is leaving them where they are and waiting for their mom. Do not pick them up until you’ve reviewed our Kitten Information page.

For detailed information about caring for underage kittens, check out


If you find sick, injured or abandoned wildlife in Kent County, Maryland please visit our Wildlife Resources page for support. ACSKC Animal Services Officers do not remove wild animals such as squirrels, raccoons or opossums from underneath porches, on rooftops, inside attics or unfinished basements.

Animal Services does not respond to calls for deceased animal pickups unless the deceased animal was involved in a bite or rabies exposure.