Become a Foster Parent

Fostering Pets In Your Home

A Small Act with a Big Impact

Our Foster Program asks the community to open their doors to our animals. By providing our animals with a temporary space in your home, you will help save lives!

But for all its impact, fostering a shelter pet isn’t the huge commitment you may think it is. In fact, it’s incredibly simple! 

At ACSKC, we make it as straightforward and convenient as possible by providing you with all the supplies you need, matching you with the right pet, and working with your availability.

Why should I become a foster parent?

A foster parent has one of the most important jobs at the shelter. They allow our animals to receive the proper care and attention they deserve as they wait for adoption. Fosters open their homes to care for sick and injured pets, animals having trouble adjusting to shelter life, pets who need work on their socialization skills, or those who simply need time to grow before they are ready for adoption.

Fostering saves the life of two animals: the one you welcome into your home and the life of the animal whose place it takes at our shelter. The more animals ACSKC can take in, the more lives we can save. If those aren’t enough reasons to become a foster parent, consider these: 

  • You’ll be helping to socialize a shelter animal so they become more adoptable and better companions
  • You can put that spare bedroom to good use
  • If you can’t keep a full-time companion animal, fostering for short time periods is an ideal solution

What are the responsibilities of a foster parent?

Your role is to welcome a pet into your home and act as their caregiver on behalf of ACSKC. As a foster for the shelter, your responsibilities will include:

  • Feeding, watering, exercising and socializing your foster
  • Monitoring your foster’s physical and mental wellbeing
  • Transporting to and from veterinary appointments as needed
  • Administering medication (if applicable)
ACSKC provides our fosters with food, litter and medication. ACSKC also covers all medical expenses.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ll send you home with food, toys, litter and litter box for cats and kittens, and medication as-needed. If you run out of food, give us a call and we’ll have more available for you to pick up!

Animals who require a foster home have specific needs and requirements. We must ensure that the animals in need of fostering receive priority. Based on your application you will be matched with the best fit! Please note that animals who are listed on our Adoption page are not available to foster unless otherwise stated in their bio.

This can vary depending on the animal and their needs. For example, kittens should be brought every two weeks for vaccines and a weight check.

Eventually! We require at least a two-week shutdown period where your foster does not interact with other pets. Different circumstances may require a longer separation or that your pets never meet—which is the case with kittens and pets with certain medical conditions.

Every animal in need of a foster home has their own unique set of needs, such as medical attention, socialization or behavioral training. Others, like our In-Between Kittens, simply need a temporary home while they wait for their spay/neuter surgeries.

Our Types of Fosters guide helps you choose the one that’s best for you!

Ready to help save lives? Apply today!