At the start of the summer, 13 very sick kittens arrived at ACSKC in a cardboard box. With time and care, they all recovered, and–over the past few weeks–have been steadily adopted! Now, there is just one formally-sick kitten left.

Meet Nerkle, a handsome brown tabby. Like many of his litter, Nerkle had had an upper respiratory infection as well as a double eye infection. Due to the severity of the infection, both of Nerkle’s eyes suffered scarring of the corneas, so now it appears as though he has a white film over his eyes.

This doesn’t affect his ability to see, however. In fact, he is very attuned to changes in the light. Nerkle is always the first to perk up when the lights come on–so he’s always first in line for breakfast!

Now that he is the last of his littermates, Nerkle is pretty lonely!

As a newly initiated member of the 100+ Club—animals who have been at the shelter for over 100 days—Nerkle is long-overdue for a new home.