While an imposing presence, Morticia the Rottweiler is friendly to everyone she meets. Even at 6 years old, she will happily run across the play yard after tennis balls and go after other toys. She does tire out pretty easily, though, which leaves lots of room for snuggling up on the couch together.

This gorgeous lady is very affectionate and loves to be pet. Staff have noticed that Morticia does not like to feel like she is being restrained, so she doesn’t like to be hugged.

When meeting other dogs, Morticia is cordial and curious. If the other dog tries to initiate play or moves quickly, she acts uncomfortable and is unsure how to respond. If another dog is in the home, Morticia would do best with one who is well-rounded and won’t push her boundaries. If in the home, Morticia would do best around children over 12, as she does jump when excited.