This not-so-little fish was found near a big pond. Minnow came to ACSKC after he was located in a wildlife area on his own. He had been left with food and water, indicating he had been abandoned. His finders had also discovered a fish hook in the webbing of his paw, and flea detritus in his fur.

In spite of his condition, Minnow instantly made himself known as a friendly boy to the staff. Once he was examined, cleaned up, and treated, everyone saw just how outgoing he can be!

This two-year-old is well-socialized and very people-oriented, often going out of his way to greet new friends. He likes to show off his tricks, including Sit and Give Paw. Minnow is also the type of dog who will happily go off and entertain himself by sniffing every inch of the yard, or play with other dogs, so he doesn’t require a lot of dedication to playtime.