Little Debbie

If you brought a lunchbox to school, chances are it contained a sweet treat that is now a source of childhood nostalgia. There were Star Crunch, Swiss Rolls, Honey Buns, and Cosmic Brownies, to name a few. And what do all these snacks all have in common? They’re Little Debbies, of course! 

Little Debbie and her four kittens arrived at ACSKC in November of 2022. Her litter was just weeks old, and Little Debbie herself appeared to be in rough shape. Not only was she underweight, her right eye was completely deflated. But while she was certainly wary of these strangers who brought her food and cooed over her children, she showed no sign of discomfort or pain. 

As her kids grew bigger and bolder, Little Debbie did, too, by degrees. Instead of shying away from pets, she began to lean into her attention-giver’s hand. She also met every new cat amicably, even rubbing her head against them. 

Now, Little Debbie shares a free roam room with our other long-term cats. When someone enters the room, Little Debbie joins the others in rubbing up against the person’s legs, looking for love and attention. 

Little Debbie is a slim tabby cat with white paws, white chest, and white markings around her mouth that look like parentheses. Her one good eye is a quiet green. Little Debbie herself is a silent and gentle soul who would prefer a calm home with the companionship of another cat.