Leo is a fantastic, wonderful, and amazing dog. When we call for Leo to come to us, he turns and bounds across the room, looking delighted to see us as if reuniting after centuries apart! He loves people and spending time in their company. 

At 10 years old, this Lab-mix has bright reddish-brown fur with enough white around his muzzle to let you know he has reached his Distinguished Gentleman years. His eyes are always happy, and shine like a lucky penny. He looks upon every person with an expression of absolute joy at having a new friend to greet and be loved by. His positivity is absolutely infectious! 

Leo was surrendered to ACSKC when his previous owner expressed concerns regarding his health and quality of life. He had lost his appetite, and was exhibiting symptoms that could be caused by a number of medical issues. 

In our care, Leo has undergone extensive testing with our veterinarian, including radiographs, ultrasounds, blood panel, fecal panel, and parasite screening, all of which yielded no abnormal findings.

As nothing out of the ordinary was found during the tests, our vet proposed a treatment plan composed of prescription EN Gastroenteric food and daily medication for Irritable Bowel Disease. Since beginning this treatment, Leo has been eating regularly and showed improvements all around. We will continue to explore other treatment options if this change in diet does not offer long-term results. 

Leo has a lot of life left in him, and certainly a whole lot of love to offer. By their nature, senior dogs are prone to medical problems, but they are also some of the best companions! Leo is available for adoption, fostering, or foster-to-adopt. As a senior dog, Leo’s adoption fee is waived. He would do well in a home with other, calm dogs as well as kids.