Stuck in a Storm Drain: A Multi-Hour Rescue Mission

On August 9, 2023, Officer Eric Reynolds of the Animal Care Shelter for Kent County’s Animal Control & Rescue Department risked life and footwear to save a calico kitten trapped in a storm drain.

It is not uncommon for feral cats to utilize drainage systems as underground highways, but this kitten was clearly lost and unable to care for herself. After multiple unsuccessful attempts to rescue the kitten, Officer Reynolds did what many of us could never face.

With the help of his backup, Officer Renee Worthington, and Chestertown Utilities staff Marty Davidson, Brian Strannahan, and Anthony Adner, Officer Reynolds MacGyver’d a makeshift lifeline from dog leashes before descending into the dank underground of the Royal Farms traffic circle. Immediately soaked in standing water, Officer Reynolds proceeded to pull himself through 100 feet of spider-infested pipe barely wider than his body. Progress was slow but steady as he inched toward the tiny kitten.

The multi-hour ordeal ended triumphantly when both kitten and officer emerged at the other end: wet, scraped, stinky, and minus one boot, but otherwise healthy and in good spirits.

The kitten, now named Beverly Marsh, is safe and sound at The Animal Care Shelter for Kent County, where she has received preliminary treatment to prepare her for adoption!

If you found this story touching—or entertaining!—consider making a donation to ACSKC to help cover the cost of Beverly’s care and get Officer Reynolds a new pair of boots. Visit