When you think of pets who enjoy the great outdoors, your first thought may be of a dog playing fetch, a dog hiking with their human, or a dog paddling through an afternoon swim. But Meatball the Cat has a passion for the outside the same as any dog! 

Well, maybe not so much the hiking and swimming aspects, but it’s clear that this feline enjoys every moment of fresh air. 

Meatball can always be found in our outdoor catio. Every morning when the staff arrive, he is the first out the door and every evening when staff turn off the lights, he is the last to come inside. His favorite spot is on the seat of an adirondack chair–something that was meant for the volunteers to use when they enrich our cats! 

This large gray and white cat is a laid back guy who enjoys the company of people and other felines. He does not, however, care for dogs, as he has demonstrated repeatedly by turning into a large fluff ball each time a canine walks by his sanctuary! Meatball’s ideal home would be pup-free, and lots of windows for him to admire the outdoors.