The origin story of this 11-month-old German Shepherd-mix isn’t happy, but he’s holding out hope that one day his name will fit. 


Happy’s life began in Texas, where he was brought to a shelter with several other dogs. From there, he was transported to another rescue and placed in a foster home. When the rescue shut down, the foster who had him in their care adopted him. He lived with his adopter and their dogs, and that should have been Happy’s Happily Ever After. 


Unfortunately, due to no fault of Happy’s, his adopter was forced to surrender him when one of the dogs in the home decided they no longer wanted Happy to be a part of the family. 


Since his arrival at ACSKC, we’ve seen that Happy is still full of that puppy energy. He is a spunky, lively guy who loves to play with toys and other pups. But he does far more than run around the play yard! Gifted with that German Shepherd intelligence, Happy knows many commands, including lay down, sit and stay. He is also a total foodie who will offer all of his attention to you and whatever morsel you may have in your hand. 


Upon completing his behavioral assessment, we have found Happy loves spending time with people and other dogs. We also discovered he is not a fan of sharing his favorite things. For this reason, we will not send Happy to a home with children or where children often visit. We do believe Happy would do well as a single dog who has playdates with other dogs, or he would do well in a home with another dog so long as he is fed separately from the other dog, either in a crate or another room. 


Happy’s ideal canine companion would be a well-rounded dog comparable to his size who can accommodate his paw-forward, puppy play style. Happy doesn’t seem to know his size, and likes to throw his weight around. But Happy is a smart dog who is very treat-motivated, so training him to keep his paws on the ground should come naturally to him!