Our Pet of the Week is 18 pounds of pure love! Bernie is a delightfully round brown tabby with big green eyes.

A bit shy at first, Bernie will tuck himself away until he feels comfortable in his new surroundings–and it’s pretty impressive to watch him wiggle into tiny spaces. But Bernie can never resist pets and brushing! Once he is on the receiving end of a head scratch, he will come out of his hidey hole to lay himself at your feet to be showered with affection! He will show off his big belly for rubs–a total lovebug! And according to his previous owner, Bernie would sleep in bed with them!

Bernie gets along well with other cats, and would do wonderfully with feline friends in the home. At six-years-old, Bernie still has a lot of life in him. With a proper diet and some friends to play with, he’ll have a ball in his new home.

Bernie is one of our special needs cats. He receives daily medication for seizures, which he takes very easily.