Welcome to Our New Shelter!

There’s nothing like a fresh start to the new year. For our animals and our community, it doesn’t get much better than starting 2023 in a brand new facility!

All week, ACSKC staff assembled new dog beds, moved bags of cat litter, and designated a dog dorm or cat condo for all of the animals in our care. Then it was time to welcome our animals to their new temporary home: 

This wasn’t a normal car ride! Once the kennels were ready to welcome their new furry residents, we loaded our vehicles, said “Goodbye,” to the old place, and drove the 2.4 miles to the new shelter on Worton Road.


We welcomed ten dogs to their new digs on Move-In Day, but our new shelter has four dorms that house a total of twenty-eight canines who are ready for their forever homes! Each dorm has access to it’s own play yard, too! 

Over 100 cats and kittens made the journey, too. Not only are the cat condos in our adoption room more spacious, they also have separate spaces for our cats’ food and litterboxes! We also introduced many of our felines to our free roam rooms, which let out to an outdoor catio area. Perfect for fresh air and bird watching!

As busy as the day was, we had to test out the new play yards! Our new shelter has four yards that have been outfitted with turf. These connect directly to the dog dorms. There is also one extra-large yard for playgroups! 

Now the Real Fun Begins

We are so excited to share our new shelter with you! While big moves like this don’t happen overnight, we are making adoptions happen! If you are interested in bringing a pet home, we encourage you to check out our Plan Your Visit page, where we list our hours and offer tips for a seamless adoption process! 

There are so many opportunities this facility will offer to both our animals and to our community, one of which is a brand new Volunteer Program! If you have a passion for animal care and are looking for ways to get involved, check out our Volunteer Opportunities and consider Becoming a Volunteer!  

Looking for more ways to help our animals? Maybe one that honors a dear friend, family member, or beloved pet? Consider making a Legacy Gift! There are many Honor and Memorial Opportunities still available, including our “Pave the Way” Fundraiser

Thank you for following along as we worked to provide our animals and our county with the shelter they need. We couldn’t have done it without you! 

Please note that while we’re happy to let you look around our lobby, we can’t guarantee staff availability for a tour around the shelter. We are planning our Ribbon Cutting Ceremony and Open House this for the coming Spring, so stay tuned for more details!