Settling in

What is a "Two Week Shutdown?"

The golden rule when bringing a new pet home is to follow the Two Week Shutdown. This gives your pet two weeks to totally decompress and adjust to their new home and routine.

If you’ve ever been to a shelter, you understand that it’s loud. Dogs are barking, whining, and amping each other up. Similarly, cats are often kept in confined kennel spaces. Now imagine being in that environment for weeks or months. 

When you bring a new pet into your home, understand they have been through a lot, and aren’t used to having free range of a whole home. Suddenly, everything is different! There are new sights, sounds and people that they are just getting to know. Your pet is undergoing many transitions, so it will take them time to feel safe and comfortable. Once they do, you’ll see a totally different pet: one who loves and trusts you.

What to avoid in the first two weeks:

Things to do instead:

The 3/3/3 Rule

Even when we do our best to make our pets comfortable, getting used to a new place doesn’t happen overnight. The 3/3/3 Rule is a general guideline for the adjustment period of a pet after adoption. Every pet is unique and will adjust at their own pace. The chart below explains what you can expect from your pet’s behavior in the first 3 days, 3 weeks and 3 months after bringing them home. 

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